Versatile steel fabrication 

If you’re an architect, builder or homeowner and looking for fantastic steel fabrication, you’ve come to the right place. We work with companies and individuals in Hull, Beverley, Driffield, East Yorkshire and all across the UK, providing the highest quality of structural steel solutions for a very competitive price. 

Steel for all requirements 

From structural beams, box sections and reinforcing bars for a building’s framework to steel sheets for roofing, cladding and insulating panels, we can fabricate and install a wide range of steel solutions. 
No job is too large, small or complex, so don’t be afraid to ask us about steel fabrication for other needs as well, such as steel lintels, windposts, internal fixtures the likes of stairs, shelving and railings, and anything else you require. 

Heavy duty steel 

Construction Steel Solutions fabricates, supplies and installs all kinds of structural steel, making us your go-to construction partner for anything from a small house extension to a large new build project. 
We specialise in manufacturing a wide variety of steel grades and sub-grades to suit your exact requirements. This means that when space or access is limited, we can select a higher grade steel to minimise the section size. 
You can also choose from different finishes, as we’re able to paint our steel products, allowing an even greater level of customisation. 

Site survey, design, fabrication and installation 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive service, we can provide everything from you require from start to finish: 
Site survey: Our team will visit your site to survey the area and determine the specific details of your project. This ensures that our steel fabrication solutions are tailored to your precise requirements. 
Design: In order to provide the perfect solution, we design your steel connections according to your project. 
Fabrication: Once we have all of the information we require, we fabricate the highest quality of steel that will do your project proud. 
Installation: We can also deliver an exceptional installation service using the very best equipment. The result is outstanding fabricated steel that’s then erected by an experienced and reliable team of construction experts. 

Streamline whilst ensuring quality 

When working with contractors, our mission is to save you time by streamlining the on-site installation. We’re always ready to offer advice and guidance too, making us your trusted consultant for all things steel. 
As part of the service, we bring clarity to any uncertainties, such as: 
Purchasing through the correct suppliers 
Consulting with structural engineers 
Liaising with the building team 
Delivering all steel goods to the site on time 
Providing the highest standard of installation service if required 

We can work with anyone 

One day we’ll be liaising with an architect and fabricating steel solutions to fit their plans, and the next we’ll be working closely with an on-site construction team to install a new property’s structural framework. 
We can also work with homeowners and landlords directly when they need a dependable steel fabrication specialist who can help them to improve, alter or extend their existing property or build a new home from scratch. 

Reasons to use steel in residential construction 

If you’re a homeowner and want to work with us directly, here are a few reasons to choose steel for extensions, conversions, renovations and new build properties: 
Steel is highly malleable and offers the architect greater freedom over their designs 
Steel is fabricated remotely, so it can be installed on your site very quickly 
Steel allows for larger open-plan spaces, which is perfect for modern homes 
Steel provides added fire resistance than other building materials 
Steel is lighter than concrete and therefore easier to transport, which lowers the carbon footprint of your residential construction project 

Get in touch  

If you’re looking for steel fabrication and installation services in Hull, East Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK, get in touch with Construction Steel Solutions today on 07896 086693 or fill in our contact form to receive a tailored quote. 
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